Your guarantee

Dear customer thank You for trust! We have reason to believe that you don't have any problems with the goods of Sollis, but anyhow if you have, as a result we assure you will be satisfied completely.

We warrant that on the date of delivery and for the periods set out in section

Product / component Warranty period
Office chair 10 months
Kitchen chairs 10 months
Living room chairs 10 months
Living room tables 12 months

Using guarantee card you can:

1. Immediate correction of all defects

2. Exchange the goods with the same model and color

3. Reduce the price

4. Take a refund

This usual warranty does not apply to any defect in the furniture products arising from:

  • If the guarantee card is out of date
  • If the guarantee card has been changed
  • If you don’t have guarantee card 
  • If goods have been damaged by yourself due to wrong transportation, arrangements, assembly and disassembly
  • If they have been committed incorrectly

Using rules have been violated

Even if your furniture’s damage is not our fault, we can help you to repair and correct the damage.